Another Year, Another Relationship

Our last news item was in January 2020 and it is clear that when it was posted we had no idea of what was to come. It turned out to be an awful year, but we managed to continue to work through the Pandemic by keeping ahead of the curve; watching, reading and putting measures in place to protect our staff and supply chain.

It wasn’t easy, but amazingly, the result was an increase in turnover thanks to projects like the Borough Market Jubilee Place development, the church hall at Holy Innocence Church, Orpington, the new Science Block at The Weald Of Kent Grammar School and the OPD pre-opp assessment unit at Kingston Hospital.

We witnessed some considerable changes over the past year at Corniche, too. Our Operations Director has moved on and we wish him well and thank him for his contribution. Although he was only with us a short time we made considerable progress in his tenure. The business now has a greater focus on H&S, we are spending more on training and we are more active in promotion from within, helping to expand and strengthen the management team.

So what’s next? We have a very healthy order book for 2021, some new clients onboard, various new work streams and three new employees. Best of all our work at Kingston Hospital which started as a single project has developed into an on-going series of projects. And we have built another relationship!

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