Brand New

On a very positive note we are pleased to say that (after a long and painstaking process) we can officially launch our new Branding. The new logo and colour ways can now be seen on our website, letterheads, stationery and business cards as well as on our fleet of support vehicles.

But it’s not been easy. The corporate ‘red’ that had been with us since 1983 and our modernist typestyle were difficult to shake off after almost 40 years! Together with our web developer and design ‘guru’ webZeppelin we considered various ways to update and refresh the existing style before finally opting for a total change to the logo and colour scheme.

We wanted the rebranding exercise to give us a logo to better reflect our image and what we do; a full cycle approach that never ends. The design uses a more contemporary and subtle colour scheme, an elegant typeface and has several variants of design and colour combination that are suitable for use on different coloured backgrounds. We also have a new strapline, ‘Building Relationships’ to remind people of the reputation we have, in spite of the current bad press surrounding the Construction Industry.

It took 5 months to agree on, with a lot of head scratching and rethinking but we are all still friends and would like to thank Ray at webZeppelin for his patience and support. It was worth all the effort. We are delighted with the result and feel it positions Corniche Construction in exactly the right place for Building new Relationships.

Which is what we are all about.

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