Working in the ‘New Normal’ world.

Here at Corniche we pride ourselves on our expertise in the Education sector. Our first job in this area was for St Boniface School in 1987 and we have undertaken an extensive array of construction projects for Education clients over the 34 years since then. We have dealt with clients in Surrey, Sussex, London, Kent and all over the SE and in many cases we have been asked back when new projects have come up. We’ve a lot of experience in Education.

Surprisingly, despite the problems imposed by COVID, it seems 2021 will be no exception. Even the late confirmation of Condition Improvement Funding bids has proved of no consequence. With DFE notification delayed until the end of June many of our school clients found a way of self-funding projects and others have put their plans on hold for later in the year. Currently we have some 27 projects on site, not all are Education clients but a fair number are.

Though we are now used to managing sites with COVID restrictions, working in the ‘New Normal’ is problematic. We are under the constant pressure of having to cope with limited resources as the effects of COVID on the industry continue. Most projects are on programme and where slippage has occurred, we are working with our clients to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. And with the continuing trend of price increases in both labour and materials we are having to keep agile and resourceful. The ‘New Normal’ demands that we must be even more detailed with our planing and programmes, to ensure we meet our clients’ expectations.

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