Interim annual report

We’re half way through the year and rushed off our feet. After the sustained period of Coronavirus lockdowns, time just seems to be flying by. This of course, is because most contracts are urgent as our clients try to catch up with their delayed projects. However Coronavirus has not gone away and has affected a number of staff members this year. We are managing to deal with it and importantly we have adopted the right approach, making infected staff stay at home.

Apart from the workforce being impacted by illness the industry is suffering from an acute labour shortage, overall, in the wake of Brexit. Along with rising prices, of both materials and labour, this is creating a challenging working environment. At Corniche we are keeping a close watch on costs and keeping in contact with our supply chain to ensure we deliver our contracts on time and on budget.

The Building Safety Regulator is beginning to reveal the improvements that are to be made as a result of the Grenfell Enquiry. It is our belief that any new regulations are likely to filter down to all types of construction, not just High-Rise Residential Building. We have already seen evidence of this in our more recent projects. So looking forward at the rest of the year we are preparing ourselves for changes ahead.