Managing Change

A number of momentous events have taken place over the past month. We have witnessed the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth 11 and the proclamation of King Charles 111, an unprecedented rise in energy prices, the appointment of a new Prime Minister, turbulence in the economy following the budget and the sharp fall in the value of the pound. These changes have impacted all of our lives and may well continue to do so for many years to come.

At Corniche there have been changes too. We have regretfully seen the departure of our Operations Manager and we thank him for putting in place solid foundations for us to build on. We have taken on four new employees and are still looking for candidates for other posts, including that of an Estimator. We have successfully completed some great contracts, had some excellent feedback and started several new projects.

Change is inevitable. It is part of life and happens whether we have planned it or not. The important thing is how we respond to changes. At Corniche we pride ourselves on our ability to manage change. We take action to ensure that any changes are to the benefit of our business and continue to improve the services we offer our clients. Our positive attitude towards managing change is something that won’t change.