Meeting construction challenges

With the UK economy in such a state of flux and both business and families facing financial uncertainty we’re of course contemplating how the current challenges will affect the commercial construction industry in 2023. Will the work we’ve tendered go ahead; if it does, did we price it correctly? Have we got the right resources in place; is our supply chain strong; what will happen to material prices? The key takeaway it would seem is that challenge and construction go hand in hand.

Despite the uncertainty and challenges ahead, we leave 2022 with two new clients and a portfolio of successfully completed projects across all our business sectors. Our organisation is also in a good place: we’ve completed our six-monthly employee reviews and garnered some useful feedback, creating tailored employee training plans to support our commitment to learning and development, which in turn will benefit projects across the 2023 period.

As 2022 comes to an end and we all look forward to a much-needed break, we’d like to wish our friends, associates and clients a Merry Christmas and a healthy, fruitful 2023. We’ll see you again on the other side!