Castle Hill Primary School Entrance Extension

The Weald of Kent Grammar School Science Block

Kingston Hospital OPD pre-op assessment

2020 vision

At about this time, each year, I start to think about what we can expect in the coming months. This year I am expecting our business to grow based on the current workload and the projects we have lined up. But with regard to the bigger picture I expect the environment will become an even more important consideration for the construction industry in 2020.

Looking back over the past few years, building regulations have been increasingly reflecting a concern for the environment and placing more responsibility on building design and construction. Architectural innovation in new build is now being driven by the need to maximise energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions. And in the construction industry we are striving to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and find more sustainable methods and materials.

As a company we are committed to continuous improvements in how we manage our operation with regard to sustainability and the prevention of pollution. All Corniche staff are trained in our Environmental Management System, which for example, seeks to reduce waste and recycle materials wherever possible. In 2020 we hope our business will grow but we will make sure that it is not at the expense of the environment.

Blue Lion Place

We’ve made another friend

A key element in the way that we manage our business at Corniche is to finish a job to the complete satisfaction of the client. Anyone who has worked in the industry will know that things can go wrong. But we believe that one of our greatest strengths is overcoming any problems and getting the job done right.

We have just completed part of a redevelopment project at Jubilee Place for the Trustees of Borough Market in Southwark and it has not been easy, either in terms of logistics or scheduling, in a busy urban environment.

We are proud of the finished build but equally satisfying is the recognition that we did a good job so it was great to receive this message from Stephen Wall, Head of Asset Management at Borough Market:

“Hi All, as you know BMK has opened, which is all down to your hard work and as a way of saying thank you I would like to invite you for lunch in Jubilee Place. Really appreciate your hard work.”

We hope this is the start of another great relationship.